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Euclid This is some great prog/metal right here. The syncopation and midrange tone is an example of the Meshuggah-inspired Djent sound that has become a prerequisite for this style, while the synths/atmosphere and clean vocals are reminiscent of Fear Factory circa 1996. This is a kickass album, great work Favorite track: Februation.
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released December 16, 2015

Mixed by: Keshav Dhar at Illusion Studio
Recorded at: Illusion Studio (Delhi) and RBK Studio (Calcutta)
Artwork: Sagnik Gangopadhyay
Lyrics: Abesh Thakur


Music by Yonsample



all rights reserved



Yonsample is the most prominent modern metal band to have emerged out of East India. They have been labelled as one of the Top Metal Acts of the country by Pepsi MTV Indies.

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Track Name: This is Returning
The ageless voyage of creature towards the ending step repeats, for this is returning

Triumphant i shall be
and conquer thy throne/
For god's willing I no more fear
and keep unturned no stone
Rustling through the shadows

Stupefied i stand on the brink of near extinction
I scream, All Rise!

Towards the ending step
It ran through out
Incisive for a
Comeback reverie

Raised among wolves and still on the table
Why are you clothed when your brethren fight and are able?
Wear an oath unto you
die an undying death/
wreaths wrapped around you
remember the truth faked.

For this is returning

Abhorrent you must not be/for your path lies unshone
Denounce the roughs of failure/for the future breed you cannot condone.
Track Name: Espial
Floating through the abyss that you call space and I the unknown,
dark matter of nothingness enveloping feared skies
scattered fantasies and all the smiles.

An astronaut discovers ragged territories,
plants the pennant of faith, but on the road
To rediscovery and unhindered claim,
Usurping the kingdom of aboriginal.
Mysteries infinite, Fairies of the night!
Listen to the hums of the shadowy spirits
lurking behind
The trees with leaves of gold,
Faces of deep desires untold

When was it last that you found your realms
staring at the blank skies and weaving dreams.
Looking at the constellation
Searching for a lost parentage
elapsing ancient ambition made into stars.

Deeper and deeper you sink,
The darkest hour makes you think.
If it was worth searching for the light,
In the breeding ground of the night.

Shades of aged secret yarns
Floating around collective.

Roamed the circles of deprecation,
Unsettled in the final sensation.
For what I have lost I have gained
A garland of death around your neck!

Creatures abide by unwritten rules of pulchritude,
Telescopic visions of never land beseech you.
A drop of tear will quench your thirst.
A pound of remorse will satiate.

Thoughts of such nature still come to me while I am,
Floating in still fantasies.

Creating pleasures and pain manifold.
And so the story was woven and told.
Track Name: Dream Motion Triggered
Free essence of soul felt in peace
Smell your soul, feel your presence deep within (deep within)
A journey into and beyond yourself.
For you are the source
for you are the light.
You are the witness
you are the eye.
For this free essence of soul felt in peace
Smell your soul, feel your presence deep within (deep within)
For A journey into and beyond self.
On the way forward, succumb to the emergent sounds
For now Surrender will control your crusade,
As if there were no you ! (as if there were no you)
Agent to stellar euphoric projections
Mortal senses turned into infinite energy transmitter
This Inner aerial route,
Soul awaits rebirth here.
(Soul awaits rebirth here.)

Uncertainties collide into masterpieces
Uncertainties collide in their own masterpieces.
Track Name: Tibro
Cluster of thoughts, scattered with erratic lights of void
and blinding white noise. Dyslexic emotions, bygone reflections,
recurring into an infinite motion of solitude.

Free your mind. Break away.

A new world emerge within.

Noesis of the lucid psyche aligned with the source
Fearless and seamlessly, explores.

Blinded, ephemeral contusions. Confusions,
Burning bright. Converging into the infinite.

Free the dependency, unchain the wings
A hollowed domain of my poisoned fright.
unchain my, unchain my wings.

Cease from the droning mirage
Perceive the truth, contrive inward
Break away from the circle
and enter the formless static.
Empowered I strive I loom the absolute
waters of space & time, I traverse through
For (for) for I am the self (for I am the source)
For I am.

Blinded. Ephemeral contusions. Confusions,
Burning bright. Converging into the infinite.
Track Name: Median
If Im on a collision course,
With eternal glints of sunlight
Streaming into narrow yet spacious passages of time.
shadows outweighed by the humane instinct
To kill, have a bearing on your past
Clouding our future.

And every time I thought
I’ll live the holocaust,
became a mere spectator, but a survivor.
And the travels took us wide
Made us witness the history rewritten
Over and over [again] another shine.

Except this time, we sacrificed our belief in us,
Caught in an empty dream’s eye, darkness is all it seems
Inceptive time, we will retrieve our belief in us.
Caught by the shadows of Self-belief

Will we stand up against the tide?
Tethered on the edge of reason,
Our moral belief let it go
Recreate the unfeasibility of reason

Aeons of creation washed /away,
No chance of sustaining the
Waves of whims or
The towers of terror. [devoured]
Outweighed by the humane instinct to sacrifice.
Track Name: In Consequence
Senseless pathways of light
Beaming wisdom to the uninitiated.
Guilts of a multitude of races,
Carve decisions important enough for man.

Set in stone [ forever ], set forth across [time ].
Cruel manifestos signal your demise.

Shrouded in still fantasies,
Hope's vessel grows stronger.
Ubiquitous in the shadows of greatness
And glorified islands of love
Cast away I stand , I still remain .
Scarred remains of the witless
Anointed in glory unforetold ,
Uncertainties collaborate
In their own design.
Imagine apocalypse now.
Witness the space beyond
Unhindered claims and promises abound,
In the land of the rewritten sound.

Witness the space , the space beyond.
Track Name: Februation
A cornucopia of thoughts,
Interspersed with intermittent lights
Of oblivion.
Dyslexic emotions.
Inebriated decisions,
Merging into reality,
Rustling leaves bringing me back,
Into the autumn of thoughts
In a retrospective place.

Into the forest white
from the banks of inebriation
we undergo validated states of glee
or valleys of desperation

Merging into idiosyncratic fantasies,
Carefully planned chaos,
this planned chaos

A conclusion of emotions,
A disruption of dreams,
Jolting back to the screams of the sun,

The light being too harsh,
Let me sleep, On a drowsy sundown.

Let me sleep,
And wake up to nothingness.
Track Name: Conquest
Glorious my standing distant apprehension
Fear decimated begin the End
Witness the fire burning inside of me
Caress the blemish ashes bridge my love
Everywhere I go I am brought in with glory

All things that pushed me into darkness ,defaced.
Falsify the untrue craziness…unveiled.

Unrestrained, I will, I will now exist.

Dethrone all the disgraced failure
Now I’m standing where I belong

Every sorrow has led us right here
Realigning our faith
Every tear has made us stronger
We will silence all fear now

As I unleash myself
This sickness now countervailed
As I unleash myself now
My faith convalescent

Dare you strike me from your side?
I am on my victory ride

Cold sweat breaks on the brow,
Of profound depths of glory and the seen.
Keeps revisiting the wards unclean

Every sorrow has led us right here (right here)
Realigning our faith (our faith)
Every tear has made us stronger
We will silence all fear
Track Name: Sundered vicinity
Dusk grows colder with touch of night
Endless dispersed junctures of musing
Shifts rear, to where the elixir
Loses it’s decree.
The ceaseless verves elegant over
The distress psyches are lost.
Days are a loss.

Every man every mind emerges no less than once
And passes through stable or fickle anxieties
Everyday a place we crave to linger on
Crossing the intimate cold weathered mind
While the sweet earth shattered
Behold the gain and defeat
At emancipation
Stray down as we grow up, wild.

Everyman vicinal to safely linked fractions,
Hands, limbs, appendages and intentions
They’re wrenching apart!

Every place is low
All phase crease shifting

Fear lands of losing hope
Procreation of dire dreams
Elevations of bright hopes
Of short-lived visions
Dwelling since past until
They pass.
Present, the only sagacity amends with
No ultimate visibility
No validity of self supreme assertion.

Ever meandering, flocking feather’s tidiness.

As we live, we change everyday.
As we dwell surpassing the
Awaited times of yore
Every place is low
All phase is shifting