Floating through the abyss that you call space and I the unknown,
dark matter of nothingness enveloping feared skies
scattered fantasies and all the smiles.

An astronaut discovers ragged territories,
plants the pennant of faith, but on the road
To rediscovery and unhindered claim,
Usurping the kingdom of aboriginal.
Mysteries infinite, Fairies of the night!
Listen to the hums of the shadowy spirits
lurking behind
The trees with leaves of gold,
Faces of deep desires untold

When was it last that you found your realms
staring at the blank skies and weaving dreams.
Looking at the constellation
Searching for a lost parentage
elapsing ancient ambition made into stars.

Deeper and deeper you sink,
The darkest hour makes you think.
If it was worth searching for the light,
In the breeding ground of the night.

Shades of aged secret yarns
Floating around collective.

Roamed the circles of deprecation,
Unsettled in the final sensation.
For what I have lost I have gained
A garland of death around your neck!

Creatures abide by unwritten rules of pulchritude,
Telescopic visions of never land beseech you.
A drop of tear will quench your thirst.
A pound of remorse will satiate.

Thoughts of such nature still come to me while I am,
Floating in still fantasies.

Creating pleasures and pain manifold.
And so the story was woven and told.


from Extropy, released December 16, 2015



all rights reserved



Yonsample is the most prominent modern metal band to have emerged out of East India. They have been labelled as one of the Top Metal Acts of the country by Pepsi MTV Indies.

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